Saturday, February 6, 2016

Baby Hazyn

I wanted to do a separate post about Hazyn because there is so much to tell and I want to be able to find the story easier when she wants to hear about 'when she was in the womb.' Plus it fun to compare and see similarities between all of my kids when I was pregnant with them.

So first and foremost, I hope I'm not repeating myself, but her name is Hazyn. We have known this would be the name of our next girl since Andee passed away. J.D. and I were walking through the cemetery and looking at all the names of our ancestors. We came across "David Riley Stevens" and listed below were the names of his 9 boys. One of those boys' names was Hazen. I noticed it immediately, but just kept quiet. Little did I know, J.D. had the same name pop out to him and just kept quiet as well. Later on that day, we were laying down for bed and I said, "Those names were really neat to look at today. There was one name that really popped out to me." J.D. replied, "Me too. On the headstone with the 9 boys listed." At the same time, we both said, "Hazen." It was truly a sign because we both liked the name for a girl instead too.

You know me and how the name is so significant to me. There is always that one name that feels right. We have yet to figure out her middle name, but we are working on it. J.D. really wants to pick it out. He said, "You've got to pick out all the other names." My reply, "Well.... that's 85% true." lol! So I'm going to let her daddy pick out her middle name. I do write down a bunch of names to give him ideas, but he hasn't found the 'right' name yet. We have to know soon though so I can get her scrubs ordered before she comes.

So far this pregnancy has been very different. I STILL have to take my medicine which is more how I was with Dawson. If I miss that time to take it, I am throwing up. With Andee and Monty, I had stopped taking it by now. I am 28 weeks and there is no indication of things lightening up. It's okay though. I am just glad we have the right meds that work and keep me from throwing up or feeling nauseous. Hazyn has always been a pretty active baby so far. She doesn't move a lot through the night which gives me hope that maybe she will be a good sleeper at night..... maybe.... She is really good to get kicking when I push around on her too.

She tends to move the most when Monty is around. Monty will come sit by me and I will ask, "Where is Hazyn?" He pushes on my tummy and says, "Hazyn's in tummy." Then he pokes and pokes and pokes and pushes and pushes around on my tummy. While doing so he repeats, "Hazyn, Hazyn, Hazyn...." It is the funniest thing. The hardest part is keeping Monty off of my stomach. I likes to try and sit on me and squish Hazyn. He is only 2, so I hate to push him away. I have to give him attention in another way so he doesn't feel like I'm pushing him away. Yesterday I felt that Hazyn had the hiccups! Neither Monty nor Andee had hiccups. Dawson did all the time, so I knew what it felt like. This little girl definitely had the hiccups. It's funny that this pregnancy is relating so much more to Dawson's. J.D. and I have both felt very strong that she would look more like Dawson.

I missed my appointment at 24 weeks because of a terrible snow storm. Two days before my 28 weeks appointment I told J.D. how nervous I was feeling. It wasn't that Hazyn wasn't moving, it was just a different feeling I got. Also, I need to record that about 3 months ago, before we knew Hazyn was a girl, I woke up from a dream. I was panting and my heart was pounding. It woke J.D. up because I was so startled.

The dream: I was at my 36 week appointment and the doctor (Dr. Rees) was telling me he wasn't going to let me go home and he wanted to just go ahead and deliver the baby. I kept pleading with him and begging him to give me ONE MORE WEEK because I KNEW she wasn't ready. I had to BEG. He finally agreed to let me have 1 more week, but by the end of my pleading I was already so worked up and beside myself. Dr Rees seemed a little confused because a lot of women would have just been done being pregnant and happy to get the baby out. I remember explaining that I didn't mind being pregnant because I knew her health was so important. I just knew she wasn't ready.

Then I woke up from my dream. J.D. woke up and asked what was wrong. I told him my dream and then it took forever to fall back asleep. My conclusion at the time was, "pregnancy causes crazy dreams." I didn't think it would become more of a reality.

Back to my 28 week appointment on February 4th. My mom came up to watch Monty, but ended up coming with me. I thought it would be more fun to visit in the car and get my brother a surprise for his birthday. We get to my appointment and I immediately drank the glucose drink. I waited for my appointment and got right back to the room. I made the nurse wait for 5 minutes before taking my blood pressure, but I knew it would be high. 140/90. Not good. We go into the room to wait after giving a urine sample. The doctor came in and it was Dr. Bennett (who delivered Monty). She kinda joked, but said "your blood pressure is too high. So you know this means we won't let you go a day over 37 weeks." I tried to understand and just stay calm. That was based on blood pressure alone. She wanted me to 24 hr urine tests because she was pretty sure I had preeclampsia. I had a mild case with Monty. I didn't really know how serious preeclampsia was until I go home later. Then, the doctor checked my thyroid upon my request. She could feel it bulging (another thing I had with Monty) and she wanted a blood test done. The baby herself sounded really good, 143 bpm. AND I was measuring right on (which is something that wasn't right with Andee). So it was bitter sweet. I had my blood drawn, and went home.

My mom explained that preeclampsia (previously known as toxemia) is known as a silent killer. So now, at the time I was way stressed and crying. The next day the doctor called with test results explaining both my glucose and thyroid were abnormal. So now I have to do a 3 hr glucose test and wait to hear about medication for my thyroid. I was so worked up over it all I just needed a break.

So J.D. took me out to see a movie. Today I am feeling much better. I am really reading into the preeclampsia and have found that severe nausea and throwing up along with high blood pressure are both symptoms. I feel like those are the two reasons I do have preeclampsia, but I also feel that its a mild case. I will find out for sure on Tuesday, but I just wanted to write my thoughts for now. I feel like everything is going to be okay.

Back to how my dream is becoming a reality. Well, I scheduled my next 3 appointments because they get overbooked when it comes time to try and schedule my 2 week appointments. my 36 week appointment is with Dr. Rees. It couldn't be more of a coincidence. However, knowing they will let me go until 37 weeks as of now I feel like it will be okay. If my urine tests increase with protein they may take the baby earlier. :-/ For now, April 8th is looking like a good day to have the baby. It will be a weekend and easier to find sitters for the kids.

I will begin my non stress tests as well starting at 32 weeks. However, I can do them in Delta which will be really easy and more convenient finding a sitter for Monty for that long. Between my mom and J.D., i'm hoping it will all work out with needing a babysitter.

Other than all of that, I am really excited to be having a girl. With all the things going on with this pregnancy it really is making us feel better about choosing for Hazyn to be our last. The boys are both excited for the baby and as time goes on, it gets more exciting. We have her room all set up and all of her clothes washed. There is still little things to do, but not much. We will be ready for her!