Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February 2016

This month went by so fast even with an extra day! It also was slow in ways. We were sick the entire first 3 weeks of this month. We had serious colds and headaches. It was bad news bears. We tried to spend as much time outside, get fresh air in the house, disinfect everything daily, but the colds continued longer than normal. It seemed like everyone was sick. It was really hard for me because I couldn't take anything or dare to anyways. 

We had our 28 week doctor's appointment for Hazyn and I. It didn't go as well as I wanted. I had told J.D. 2 days prior that I was feeling really nervous for the appointment and I didn't know why. Hazyn is doing fine. However, my blood pressure was at the limit and they concluded my telling me that they wouldn't let me deliver passed 37 weeks. 
back story: I had told everyone for the last couple months that Hazyn would come April 12th and it would be because of my blood pressure being too high. I just knew that she would come early for that reason.
back to the now story: I asked the doctor if I could deliver April 12th because of what I had told everyone. Just so that maybe J.D. would trust my motherly intuition more.... it would mean I would be 37 weeks and 5 days. The doc laughed and said, "no..." However, I was right about the situation of her coming early because of my blood pressure. I'm pretty sure I wrote about all of this in my post 'Baby Hazyn" so I won't continue on this post about all the doc drama. 

Finally this month it began to really warm up and we spent each of those days outside for hours.... unfortunately Dawson got some serious road rash from crashing on his electric scooter..
 Monty took advantage of our 'oh so quiet' street and went on his own adventure with the red wagon.
 J.D. has been able to find some more time to ride and train the horse to pull the buggy. Monty loves this so much! Mainly he loves doing things with J.D., but he also loves doing things with J.D. outside. This includes the horse. Monty loves to hold the reins and tell the horse to go and stop. It's so cute! J.D. is the best dad because he is so patient and will let Monty ride for hours it seems like. 
 My 2nd little cowboy.
 At home while Dawson is at school, it's been a struggle. Monty asks for dad or Dawson all day long. We do find things to do and entertain Monty for a little bit... today he took all the cooking stuff for a ride in his truck. He ended up breaking my thermometer that I just barely got for Christmas... I was devastated. 
 Monty also loves to draw.....on everything but paper. Each day I find a new piece of artwork somewhere in the house. On this particular night, we were about to put on pjs and Monty decided to show me what he had done. It took 1 week for it to fade enough so I couldn't see it. I hate permanent markers. 
 Exciting news for our home... we got a piano! Our friends Doug and Megan got us this piano for FREE and brought it all the way up to our house for us. They are so amazing and not only did we get the piano, but we got to spend the weekend with them. Peterson time is always a blast! 
 Since we got the piano, Dawson and J.D. are constantly tinkering on it. We got some books and I am teaching both J.D. and Dawson how to play. The piano makes our home feel more like a home. 

Now that the snow has melted, we have started yard work! Yay! This is the first job... all the green you see left is strawberry plants.. We will see how they turn out. I've never gardened before so I'm not sure how it will go..... we will figure it out though. 
 We are getting the logs all organized for log furniture. I got the trash picked up from the very back and we are going to start a fire pit so we can have s'mores all the time. :-) 
Dawson is doing so well in school. We had parent teacher conferences and he was on a level 11 for reading. I began to tell his teacher that he cruised through the books she sent home and they weren't hard for him at all. They tested him that week and he jumped clear up to level 18. He is starting 2nd grade reading level books now. He understands everything so well and loves school. I hate how much time he spends at school, but he is learning and growing ... so I can't complain too much. 

Monty is starting to talk so much! He has some attitude as well. His favorite things are playing with Dawson and playing outside. Monty definitely is quick to get mad and will let you know if he doesn't like something. For the most part, he is so sweet and makes us laugh every minute. 

Onto March here we go! 6 more weeks left until the baby gets here! 

January 2016

Happy New YEAR!!! We seriously had so much fun for New Year's Eve. We went to St. George to spend the holiday with my family since Chad and Jamie were going to be there all the way from Wyoming. We went to the Washington Rec Center and had almost every grandkid there. We played laser tag, rode a bull, swam our little hearts out, and watched fireworks. Dawson was absolutely amazing at riding the bull, for 24 seconds! The longest out of all of us!

J.D. was headed back from riding the bull and jammed his toe so bad he couldn't hardly walk. After an hour or two he was walking back from playing ping pong and his toe popped back into place and he was finally able to go swim with the kids.

The next day we walked around St. George and breathed in the warm fresh air. It was heavenly! For Christmas my mom and dad got every couple a gift card to eat at Sakura! The older grandkids babysat all the little kids so it was an adult only dinner. It was AWESOME! We laughed and laughed at our chef. He kept pulling out racist jokes which for my family was hilarious. The food was divine! We didn't get a pic though!! What were we thinking?! We were all having such a good time we forgot to take a picture. It was the first time in a really long time that my parents had all of their kids and their spouses together. Even Brie, choc's fiance was there! We will have to get a good pic for the wedding when we are all together again.

We headed home and started school again. Dawson was anxious to have something to do. The rest of the month we went to games that our nieces and nephews played in. We have such talented nieces and nephews. All we hear on the radio is their names, and I'm not exaggerating. It is so fun to watch them play.
At home its been fun letting Monty pick out what he wants to wear. My parents bought him some camo overalls that are so dang cute! BUT up until now, Monty will throw a knock out fit if I even try to put any kind of overalls on him. However, today he picked them out! He loves them! He tries to find them everyday when we are getting dressed. 

My friend Kathy went to Hawaii for Christmas and guess what she found!? The cutest little hawaiian outfit for Hayzn! I can't wait for her to wear it and it will be perfect for summer!
Then, my niece Jetta made this beautiful blanket for Hazyn. She made it all on her own! I don't think I would be able to make a blanket this quality. Jetta was so excited to give it to us and I love that I have things that are just for Hazyn that aren't from Andee. Don't get me wrong, I love that I finally get to use the things we had for Andee, but I really want Hazyn to know that she is just as special and will be just as spoiled. Also, when Hazyn gets older and has kids of her own, I know there will be things I want to keep from Andee and I want to be able to give Hazyn all the things that were from when she herself was a baby. Here is the blanket from Jetta!

I have been getting ready for Hazyn as well. I remember waiting until I was 34 weeks to actually get Andee's things out of boxes and organized. This time, I want to do things different. So I began 'nesting' early regardless of how much time I have left. I'm pretty sure I was organized for Dawson and Monty right after I found out the gender haha!

I still have a few things left to do, but having this much done makes me feel really good and prepared. 

We also sold our truck :-( It was a vehicle that we bought for J.D.'s business up in Montana that he was starting up. The day we literally were about to spend thousands of dollars on the business, was the day that J.D. got the job offer to come back to Utah. Since we had bought the truck and trailers already it made it very convenient to move home. However, we had no need for the huge trailer and sold it last summer. Then this month, we finally decided with the new baby coming, our need for a family vehicle was here. So we sold the truck and bought a mini van which we absolutely love. I know mini vans have a bad rep sometimes or at least a stereotype to go with it, but after driving it for a couple weeks, to heck with the stereotype. It is the best vehicle we have ever driven and it works so well for our family. Eventually we will get a truck again because we used ours so much in the summer. For now, the mini van is serving us very well!

That pretty much sums up our life in January. We are starting to see some warmer days and are excited to go outside and play!