Saturday, May 20, 2017


Hazyn turned 1!!! I borrowed a cake pan from my friend Sandra and made this beautiful butterfly cake for Hazyn.

We had hotdogs, chips, and cake up at the Lemon's house for her birthday. It wasn't big, but it was perfect. We did miss my family though.

We ended up in St. George this month and we got a baby and baby stroller for Hazyn from my mom and sister.

We also got her a slide because she was loving the one at my sister's house! I couldn't believe how she would just climb up the slide part with no fail! She was so happy!

Monty is getting to where he wants to help with Hazyn all the time. He loves to feed her a bottle and feel like he is important and helping.
 I love that he is wanting to help too!
We celebrated Easter this month during spring break. It was so nice not to have to wake up early for a week! The Easter bunny came late Saturday night while we went for a little walk around town! 

He left a little Easter Bunny poop trail that led downstairs! He even pooped out the names for each kid! 

 The boys were sooo excited! Monty kept saying, "It's poop!" I told him to eat it and he said, "That's gross!" lol! Once he watched Dawson eat some Easter bunny poop, he tried some too and thought it didn't taste too bad! 
You can see how happy the boys were to get sleeping bags of their own so they could take it on the Father and Son's campout coming up.
 Hazyn stuffed her mouth full of jelly beans... oh! I mean Easter bunny poop. 
 She was so happy to just have some sugar! 
 Then she finally made her way over to her chair and didn't want to get out unless she needed more 'poop.'
During April we had our furnace go out and water heater. One night I went downstairs and smelled gas really bad. We shut off the furnace and left the house to air out until we felt it was safe to come back. In the morning we called Questar. They came out and checked everything. He turned on the furnace and checked the exhaust only to find that there was 4,000 ppm of carbon monoxide coming out. He tagged the furnace and shut it all off and said to not turn it back on. We were lucky to be alive. We got the HVAC guy out the next day and he told us that 700 ppm of carbon monoxide was dangerous. We WERE lucky to be alive!! 

Two weeks later I smelled gas again. I called Questar again and he told us that our water heater was putting out 48,000 ppm of natural gas. So he had to tag it and turn it off. We were left with no hot water and no heat. It was killing us. We got a water heater the next day, but without heat it made it hard to stay at home because it still was quite cold out. 

We had several heaven sent tender mercies of people helping us out so we could afford a new water heater. We eventually got a furnace, but we are trying to get time to put it in. 

With all these things, the next thing we knew it was baseball time and May!