Saturday, May 20, 2017


January was filled with a lot of new and random things. Going through the pics, I don't even know which order they go in because it was so random.
Monty started Sunbeams! He screamed his head off... but after 2 sundays he figured out that I wasn't coming. I hope his teachers can still hear.... well one of them anyway. The other one is already 90%deaf thank goodness! 
Dawson loves having someone sit by him in the van... 

J.D. had to go on the Klondike with the Young Men and said it was actually fun! 
Monty is so funny! He can't help but do goofy things all the time! 
Hazyn is learning how to stack blocks and is starting to walk along furniture! 
We had a lot of snow this year which we are so truly grateful for! Dawson and Monty spent many afternoons out in the snow and playing. 
We also spent a lot of time indoors..... not our favorite thing, but we somehow learn to entertain ourselves..
or we just go to the church and play basketball and eat lots of candy....
or cookies... I couldn't believe her face after 1 cooke! 
Monty is somewhat potty training. He is pretty stubborn and won't do something unless he really wants to. However, on the days he wants to be in underwear, it ends up with no underwear and pj's. lol! 
I had to take a pic of Hazyn and her tongue fettish. All my kids have had a phase where they discover their tongue and love to stick it out. 
we had Hazyn's 9 month check up and she is pretty skinny. She is in the 3rd percentile for weight, and the 80th for height. She is built more like Dawson with these stats. However she is on track mentally and is the cutest thing. 
She did cut her eye open one day with a pop can! I still can't figure out how... but she did. I ran to J.D. and he put some super glue on it. It seemed to heal up just fine. 
Here is another one of those moments that I absolutely want to remember. 
I love it when Monty keeps clothes on and lets me do his hair. He is such a handsome little guy and I love his smile! 
This month we had to go to the dentist for some cavities to be filled. They had to put Monty out. I'm not kidding when I say I was so scared holding him as he went out, but when he woke up he was a totally different kid. He must have need a deep sleep! lol 
I found a bunch of photos of Dawson too!.... 
a smile... 
and deer in the head lights...
and... something else...
Gotta love my kids!