Saturday, May 20, 2017


This month we celebrated our 10th anniversary! It was also the month that my nephew got married! J.D. and I planned out some fun things to do with the kids.

We took the kids to eat at Rumbi’s in Salt Lake because that is where J.D. and I ate for our first date!

We even sat where J.D. and I sat for our first date. We sat with a random stranger at this table because there weren’t anymore places to sit once we got our food.

The food was better than I remember! We then ventured to the Bountiful Temple.

We showed the kids where J.D. proposed to me.

The kids loved the water fountain there and thought the view was majestic.

We stayed in a hotel in Clinton for the wedding. I love having older nieces and nephews who can watch the kids while we were able to go into the temple. It was a beautiful Temple (The ogden temple). 
My mom put Chase's hair into a pony and Dawson got the biggest kick out of it. 

We got to light sparklers that night as James and Nicole walked through and off to their honeymoon.

We also went down to the reception in Kanab. For some reason my kids have this obsession with playing with my hair. It drives me crazy, but it drives me more crazy when they scream and cry... so I give in.
I helped serve at the reception which is exactly where I wanted to be. I didn't want to be socializing and sitting around. It was nice to have something to do. Afterwards, I found my little Monty dying to have some cake... 
He just couldn't resist! 
We went out to the hills the next day to have sandwiches and play with the family. We got there and guess what!? Our tire went flat. We got it filled back up with a small air compressor and tire kit that my brother in laws brought... and then tried to enjoy a couple of hours together. 
I love my family so much!

They just know how to have a good time! 
The dirt and sand is the best part of it all! 
I stayed in the shade most of the time because I didn't want Hazyn getting burnt. Yep, it was March and we were worried about sunburns down in sunny Kanab. 

Me and my bug 
J.D. got a good nap in before the drive home...
Choc and Brie brought these chairs... they were comfy... 
We did make it home that night because my dad had a permanent tire kit that we used back at their home. We were so happy to get home and we were able to get two new tires on the van the next day. We then cleaned the van and posted it for sale.... We just need something more handy man ish like a truck. Especially if we want to do the business full time. 
In the mean time we had a lot of fun at home... 

We did actually go out to eat for our anniversary on the actual day. We went to Paradise Inn in Fillmore and they have beer battered fries!!! who knew!!? I had been craving these fries since we left Montana!
 Hazyn's hair continued to grow, so we got another hair cut...
Monty found my glass tea cups and HAD to have pepsi in it!

 Monty and Hazyn sometimes get along... Monty doesn't realize how strong he is and will just hug her or try to hold her.. It usually ends with Hazyn screaming. But sometimes I catch moments like these when Monty is sharing with Hazyn and they are both calm.
 We end up at the Lemon's house a lot and had a planking contest... Katie won. lol!
It was a fun month and I was ready for spring break.